Irina Panovksa-Stavridis, MD, PhD - Professor Irina Panovska-Stavridis is Medical Director of the University Clinic of hematology-Skopje which is the only institution of this kind in the Republic of Macedonia that offers medical care for all patients with malignant and nonmalignant hematological diseases. Prof.Panovska-Stavrdis graduated from the Medical Faculty in Skopje in1995 and since 1996 has been working at the University Clinic of hematology-Skopje. She is specialist of internal medicine and subspecialist hematologist. She has been trained in North Macedonia. UK, USA, Greece and Hungary. She participated in many clinical trials as study coordinator and authored and coauthored numerous professional papers, reviews and book chapters. Prof. Panovska-Stavridis is a member of many eminent world societies for hematology and stem cell transplantation  and  is appointed as ambassador for Macedonia by the Society of Hemato-Oncology (SOHO).
Dimitar Efremov, MD, PhD - Head, Molecular Hematology Unit International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) Trieste, Italy
Dr. Dimitar Efremov is Principal Investigator and Head of the Molecular Hematology Group of the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) in Trieste, Italy. Dr. Efremov obtained his MD degree at the Faculty of Medicine in Skopje, North Macedonia, where he also completed his specialization in internal medicine and training in hematology. He obtained his PhD degree from the Faculty of Medicine, Maastricht University, Maastricht, the Netherlands and received postdoctoral training at the Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA, USA. He worked as an Associate Professor of Internal Medicine/Hematology at the Faculty of Medicine in Skopje until 2003, when he moved to Italy and established the Molecular Hematology Group of ICGEB. His primary research interest is chronic lymphocytic leukemia, particularly the molecular mechanisms governing the development and progression of the disease and identification of novel targeted therapies.